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Celebrating 50 Years
of Creating Knowledge and Inspiring Action

At the heart of everything we have achieved in the last 50 years are the people we work alongside.

These 100 personal stories represent just a small selection of the people who have worked to deliver our vision to ‘live within our means and in balance with nature’ since our founding in 1971.

This vision has never been more important to the future of our planet. To help Earthwatch continue to grow stronger and make change happen over the next 50 years, please consider making a donation

  • 1971

    Earthwatch founded in Boston, USA, with a mission to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education.

  • 1982

    Louise Henson and Andrew Mitchell set up the framework for a UK-based Earthwatch to facilitate tens of thousands of UK citizens to participate on research expeditions. 

  • 1989

    Max Nicholson and Brian Walker lead on turning Earthwatch Europe into a physical organisation, introducing the concepts of Fellowships for expeditions and trail-blazing partnerships with corporates. 

  • 1997

    Earthwatch Europe blossoms, receiving funding for Millennium Fellowships for over 400 teachers and 500 over-50s, as part of the UK’s Millennium celebrations.

  • 1999

    The first Shell employees participate in Earthwatch expeditions as part of their newly formed sustainability programme Project Better World - Over 1200 employees have since taken part.

  • 2002

    Launch of Investing In Nature – a HSBC, 5 year programme to send 2000 HSBC staff on research expeditions and to provide field training for 200 young scientists.

  • 2006

    Mitsubishi begin funding research in Seychelles as part of the Global Coral Reef Conservation Project, working to make coral reefs more resilient against climate change and other threats.

  • 2007

    Launch of HSBC Climate Partnership.  A new, 5 year, HSBC partnership which engaged over 100,000 employees, with 2200 of these acting as Climate Champions across the globe.

  • 2009

    Neville Shulman Earthwatch Awards begin, providing support for research, training, equipment and mentoring for over 70 early-career environmental scientists.

  • 2009

    The Business Skills Transfer for World Heritage Sites programme (later the Earth Skills Network) pairs Shell Business Mentors with managers of over 60 protected sites to improve management.

  • 2010

    HSBC and Earthwatch co-create the Sustainability Leadership Programme which has engaged over 1200 of HSBC’s leadership in environmental issues through an immersive course.

  • 2011

    The 5 year Oman Earthwatch Project is created to develop the culture of field science in the Middle East.

  • 2012

    The 5 year HSBC Water Programme begins, providing training on sustainability issues and the creation of a global citizen science programme FreshWater Watch involving over 8000 HSBC employees.

  • 2017

    The HSBC Water Programme is extended for a further three years and expanded to explore Nature Based Solutions through the Sustainability Training Programme engaging over 1600 employees.

  • 2019

    Earthwatch’s accredited as an Independent Research Organisation, and regarded as leaders in citizen science.

  • 2020

    Earthwatch creates the first Tiny Forest in the UK – the first of many which re-connects people with nature and the benefits of woodlands.

    Earthwatch at 50: Adrian Bland

    An unforgettable wildlife encounter

    Earthwatch at 50: Agnieszka Pocztowska and Lukasz Krawiec

    Finding creative ways to embed sustainability in Shell business operations

    Earthwatch at 50: Ahmad Hussein Mohamed

    Seeking out opportunities to network and increase scientific knowledge

    Earthwatch at 50: Alan Smith

    Championing equality and diversity in climate leadership

    Earthwatch at 50: Alan Wright

    Using the environment to inspire and heal

    Earthwatch at 50: Alex Liu

    Witnessing the impact of volunteers on scientific data

    Earthwatch at 50: Ali Tariq

    Building a career in corporate sustainability

    Earthwatch at 50: Alison Criado-Perez and Sir Charles Blois

    Contributing to research, in a remote location, with like-minded people

    Earthwatch at 50: Amanda Bergin

    Gaining a deeper understanding of Climate Change

    Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Pindar OBE DL

    Bronze Supporter: Advocating Citizen Science as a way of empowering people to take action

    Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Rosewell

    Finding inspiration to study the animals of Malawi in the Majete Wildlife Reserve

    Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Stevenson & Farouk Dubiere

    A successful partnership

    Earthwatch at 50: Andy Denker

    From sea turtle conservation to meadow restoration

    Earthwatch at 50: Anne, Fiona, Nicky

    Forging lifelong friendships

    Earthwatch at 50: Anthea Dewhurst

    From surveying otters in Chile to protecting river habitats in Monmouthshire

    Earthwatch at 50: Ben Sperring

    Creating outdoor learning opportunities for Trainee Teachers

    Earthwatch at 50: Brian Sinclair

    Working to engage local people with environmental issues

    Earthwatch at 50: Brian Walker, Maureen O'Neil and the Critical Six

    The start of something great

    Earthwatch at 50: Carmody Grey

    Former Schools Group Leader and enthusiastic friend of Earthwatch

    Earthwatch at 50: Caroline Wanjiru

    Research that could have major implications to future mangrove conservation

    Earthwatch at 50: Carsten ten Brink

    A thirst for learning which expanded into wildlife, conservation and earth sciences

    Earthwatch at 50: Cassandra Mayer

    Bronze Supporter: How a transformative relationship led to a career change

    Earthwatch at 50: Cathal Flood

    Exploring the impacts of farming on water quality

    Earthwatch at 50: Chris Gordon

    Mentoring people who win funding for environment and community initiatives

    Earthwatch at 50: Damian Ryan

    Developing a common vision for local wildlife through Naturehood

    Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye

    Exploring methods for reducing human-wildlife conflicts with an Earthwatch Shulman award

    Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos

    Communicating Climate Change to communities using theatre

    Earthwatch at 50: Danielle Self

    Creating outdoor learning opportunities for Primary School children

    Earthwatch at 50: Daphne King

    Establishing a community bee-keeping initiative after an inspiring expedition in Costa Rica

    Earthwatch at 50: Darren Towers

    Bronze Supporter: Using enterprise to champion environmental causes

    Earthwatch at 50: David Buckle

    Improving South Oxfordshire Council's environmental performance

    Earthwatch at 50: David Macdonald CBE DSc FRSE

    Chairman of Earthwatch Europe (2010-13), an amazing and varied career in wildlife conservation

    Earthwatch at 50: David Mortimer and Richard Ellis

    Surveying the wildlife of Mexico's Forests

    Earthwatch at 50: Debbie Carter

    From Otters in Chile to Dormice in Wiltshire

    Earthwatch at 50: Denise Parker

    Bronze Supporter: Finding the inspiration to switch careers - from finance to nature

    Earthwatch at 50: Edward Hoare

    Silver Supporter: Championing Sustainable Development Goals

    Earthwatch at 50: Elaine Massie and Richard Lawson

    Silver Supporters: Contributing to sustainability initiatives around the globe - and at home

    Earthwatch at 50: Emily Hamilton

    Pushing for sustainable development through creation of greener cities

    Earthwatch at 50: Emma Fonseca

    Engaging colleagues in the big issues of Climate Change and Sustainability

    Earthwatch at 50: Fiona and Paul Cropper

    United through a love of nature and the environment - learning new skills and contributing to scientific research

    Earthwatch at 50: Frances Buckel

    Finding inspiration from Leatherback Sea Turtle conservation

    Earthwatch at 50: Francis Vorhies

    Former CEO of Earthwatch Europe, addressing the nexus between between business, economic development, and conservation

    Earthwatch at 50: George and Judith Mason

    Fulfilling a life-long ambition

    Earthwatch at 50: Glen Reynolds

    Working to restore heavily logged forests in Borneo

    Earthwatch at 50: Hazel Rymer

    Researching how active volcanoes affect their environment and impact global climate change

    Earthwatch at 50: Helena Sims

    Consolidating data to transform conservation efforts in the Seychelles

    Earthwatch at 50: Ian Swingland

    Celebrating over 10 years of dedication to Earthwatch

    Earthwatch at 50: Ivan Vince

    Monitoring on the front line of Climate Change

    Earthwatch at 50: Jacky Gooding and Jenny Chapman

    A life changing Earthwatch Fellowship award

    Earthwatch at 50: Jean Lyster-Binns

    Zebra conservation and inspiring the next generation

    Earthwatch at 50: Joe, Bertie and George

    The Teen Team trip of a lifetime studying land use and Climate Change in Borneo's rainforests

    Earthwatch at 50: John Gimlette

    The travel author who experienced platypus research first-hand in Australia

    Earthwatch at 50: John Pratt

    Using FreshWater Watch monitoring to improve local water quality

    Earthwatch at 50: Jon Moulton

    The Venture Capitalist who found himself studying Climate Change at the edge of the Artic

    Earthwatch at 50: Jonah Ratsimbazafy

    A pioneer of lemur conservation

    Earthwatch at 50: Karen Schumacher

    The 'Monkey Woman'

    Earthwatch at 50: Kasia Kozysa

    Embedding outdoor learning and innovative science into school life

    Earthwatch at 50: Kate Barlow

    Creating a legacy and inspiring others to make the world a better place

    Earthwatch at 50: Kate Sheridan and Anna Ashdown

    Finding friendship and career inspiration in South Africa

    Earthwatch at 50: Katie McCoy

    Harnessing a passion for nature and scientific training for environmental impact

    Earthwatch at 50: Ken and Jenny Sparrowhawk

    Silver Supporters: Volunteering to support research around the world

    Earthwatch at 50: Kim Creasey

    A tireless campaigner, raising awareness of environmental issues

    Earthwatch at 50: Liz Joyce

    Exploring the glaciers of the remote Altai Mountains in Russia

    Earthwatch at 50: Louise Henson, Andrew Mitchell and Max Nicholson

    The founders of Earthwatch Europe

    Earthwatch at 50: Lynda Thompson

    The voluntary role that led to a life-changing opportunity

    Earthwatch at 50: Maggie Moore

    Championing the conservation and protection of sea turtles

    Earthwatch at 50: Margaret Willis

    An immersive experience on Australia's Kangaroo Island

    Earthwatch at 50: Marlyn Omondi

    One-time emerging scientist now working for the United Nations Environment Programme

    Earthwatch at 50: Mary Kitchen

    How Nicaraguan volcanoes inspired a career change

    Earthwatch at 50: Michael and Tanya Rembaum

    Gold Supporters: Championing environmental causes through philanthropy

    Earthwatch at 50: Monika Sah

    Creating a detailed conservation management plan for Bhalswa Lake in Delhi

    Earthwatch at 50: Muriel Rogers

    Life-changing experiences that inspired a passion for studying of volcanoes

    Earthwatch at 50: Natasha Gavin

    Building a career that brings children and families closer to nature

    Earthwatch at 50: Neville Shulman CBE

    Gold Supporter: Empowering early-career scientists

    Earthwatch at 50: Nigel Winser

    Silver Supporter: Previous Earthwatch Europe Executive Director (2005-15), working with remarkable Earthwatch teams across the world

    Earthwatch at 50: Paul Baker

    Leading Earthwatch Student Expeditions to Borneo

    Earthwatch at 50: Peter Tavolacci

    Developing sustainability leadership with Earthwatch

    Earthwatch at 50: Philip Faure

    Pioneering unique ways of managing human-wildlife conflict

    Earthwatch at 50: Philippa Arnott

    Studying frog populations with an Earthwatch Millennium Fellowship

    Earthwatch at 50: Professor Dawn Scott

    Bringing people face-to-face with Rhino in South Africa

    Earthwatch at 50: Professor Mark Huxham

    Working with local communities to gain a better understanding of mangrove ecosystems

    Earthwatch at 50: Professor Russell Hill

    Studying the behavioural ecology of primates and other large mammals

    Earthwatch at 50: Raghuvansh Saxena

    CEO of Earthwatch India, creating programmes that lead the way for science and innovation

    Earthwatch at 50: Richard Asare

    Working to resolve elephant and human conflict in Ghana's Mole National Park

    Earthwatch at 50: Richard Thorpe

    From Echidnas in South Australia to action on local wildlife issues

    Earthwatch at 50: Richard Webb and Nina Webb

    Putting conservation at the heart of business

    Earthwatch at 50: Rima Chai

    Pioneering new ways of campaigning for environmental change

    Earthwatch at 50: Rosalind Scott

    Measuring glacier melting rates and studying the impacts of global warming

    Earthwatch at 50: Russell Fisher

    Increasing local biodiversity with Naturehood

    Earthwatch at 50: Sarah Staunton-Lamb

    Delivering Earthwatch programmes for over 20 years

    Earthwatch at 50: Serena Woodrow-Clark

    Empowering communities to protect their local environment

    Earthwatch at 50: Shigeo Yasuda

    Former Executive Director of Earthwatch Japan, engaging people in scientific field research

    Earthwatch at 50: Shirley Jukes

    Witnessing the wonders of African wildlife

    Earthwatch at 50: Simon Martyn and Robert Barrington

    Two former CEOs who laid the foundations for Earthwatch Europe today

    Earthwatch at 50: Stephen Hedley

    From pollinator conservation in Costa Rica to local wildlife monitoring

    Earthwatch at 50: Steven Loiselle

    Leading FreshWater Watch across six continents

    Earthwatch at 50: Sue Alexander

    Bronze Supporter: An Earthwatch relationship that continued for almost two decades

    Earthwatch at 50: Sue Fielden

    Witnessing global environmental challenges and protecting nature at home

    Earthwatch at 50: Vittoria Annoscia-Thornley

    Celebrating 20 years of saving Philippine reefs

    Earthwatch at 50: Zoavina Randriana

    A conservation career propelled by an Earthwatch McCrae Fellowship


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