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Empowering the next generation to take action for the planet

Our young people face unprecedented environmental and societal challenges. But we can equip them with the knowledge and tools they will need to build a better future.

Only 13% of young people aged 16-25 learn about climate change from their formal education.

We educate children, young people and teachers about the causes and effects of climate change and the environmental crisis.

Fewer than 1 in 10 children regularly play in wild places.

We invite children and young people from all backgrounds to connect with nature and feel the benefits it provides.

The environmental sector is the second least ethnically diverse profession in the UK.

We inspire the adults of the future from diverse backgrounds by giving them opportunities to experience environmental and STEM education.

How we make a difference

We seek to embed outdoor learning and environmental sciences in school curriculums across the UK, with a focus on enabling equitable access to green spaces and opportunities for those in underserved communities.

Stretching from school life through to green career choices and early-career scientists, we provide knowledge, resources, hands-on learning experiences and confidence to all. Together we can equip the next generation to become change makers for our planet.

Teach Earth

Through our two Teach Earth programmes – an 18 month Teacher Training programme and an In The Field residential programme – we empower the teachers to enhance the curriculum, create sustained and impactful engagement with their students and foster a deeper connection with nature, and build emotional resilience to address environmental crises and a dramatic systemic change by offering knowledge, skills, practices as well as sustained support and peer learning opportunities to form a community of informed and inspiring teachers. 

This weekend has been life changing for me. All the emotions I have had inside, I have been able to do something with. I feel really empowered that I can make a positive impact, and my students and colleagues can too.

Sophie, Primary School Teacher

Science Camp

The course has inspired me. I want to take action in becoming a role model for younger women in science and introducing a community-centred approach in my research.

Tiny Forest in schools

94% of pupils rated their experience in the Tiny Forest as really good or fantastic 100% of teachers agreed that Tiny Forest offers pupils quality environmental education

I thought it was a wonderful forest with lots of insects there. I smiled when I saw a bumble bee pollinating and it ran away when it saw me.

Rohin, Primary Student in Coventry

Next Generation Team

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