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We're an environmental charity and believe that working together is key to tackling the challenges which threaten the natural world.

Earthwatchers engage with these urgent issues, taking hands-on action and creating knowledge for a better future.

Plastic pollution

Plastic pollution

Earth is becoming a plastic planet. By working together, we can find a solution.

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Earthwatch Europe's work in schools

Our work in schools

We empower the next generation to save the planet.

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Earthwatch expeditions

Our expeditions

Help our scientists with vital field research.

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Earthwatch events

Come to our events

Join our debate or come along to our WaterBlitz.

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Earthwatch's work with businesses

Engaging businesses

We help companies improve their impact on the natural world and take the action necessary for a sustainable planet.

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Earthwatch urban wildlife project

Coming soon: our new urban wildlife project

The wildlife in our towns and cities is under threat. We're bringing communities together to stop this decline.

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Earthwatch Europe's work with scientists

Enabling scientists

Supporting scientists and working with world class research partners.

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Take a look at what's been published by Earthwatch, our scientists and our volunteers.

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