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Freshwater Watch launches in the Netherlands

Polluted dirty water

Earthwatch is an environmental charity with science at its heart.

We drive the change needed to live within our means and in balance with nature.


We do this by connecting people with the natural world, monitoring the health of our natural resources, and informing the actions that will have the greatest positive impact.

Tiny Forest illustration of tall trees, plants and animals

Tiny Forest

Tiny Forest can connect people with nature in their local area and support general wellbeing. They offer a place to relax, watch wildlife and an educational resource.

Naturehood 2022 Calendar Competition

Naturehood Calendar Competition

Do you think you could capture a winning wildlife shot? The Naturehood team are excited to be hosting a Calendar Competition for 2022!

Earthwatch Education

Empowering educators to inspire the next generation to take action for our planet.

Shop merchandise

Our sustainable, hard-wearing t shirts and jumpers are the perfect piece for your next adventure!

Women checking watch, wearing latex gloves

Citizen Science

Earthwatch has been using ‘citizen science’ – actively involving non-scientists in scientific research - long before that term was invented.

Children with nature cam


Your donations can help to provide schools with Naturehood trail cameras.

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