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Earthwatch Europe is powered by science. We champion findings collected by people at the grassroots to spark change in our neighbourhoods and at the highest levels of government.

We are an Independent Research Organisation, employing world-class scientists with expertise on a range of environmental issues. Our research topics include water pollution, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, nature-based solutions and climate change.

We generate understanding of environmental issues from global trends to local application, to advance and mainstream sustainable practices. We employ a range of research techniques and have particular expertise in the field of citizen science, as well as a highly-esteemed publication record.

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Our Research

Our research focuses on the major challenges facing our environment, including the declining health of our oceans and rivers, the impacts of climate change and the loss of wildlife and habitats. We operate from global to local and in partnership with a large network of research organisations.

Supporting Early-Career Scientists

We have a long history in providing career development training and capacity building opportunities for early- to mid-career researchers, in the UK and overseas. We support scientific training opportunities for conservationists who are underfunded and in need of practical field experience. This enables future environmental leaders to realise their potential and ensure long-lasting, positive impacts on their community and the planet. More than 700 early-career scientists have been empowered to take strides in their careers, through vital conservation research training on our projects, research grants and a global business mentoring scheme.

Neville Shulman Awards

The Neville Shulman Earthwatch Awards give individuals from across the world the opportunity to receive funding that will enable them to implement meaningful new research, increase local community engagement in environmental projects and tackle some of the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.

Science Camps

Earthwatch Science Camps offer early-career environmental researchers, such as those considering or already undergoing a PhD, the exciting opportunity to learn about and explore the role of community engagement in environmental research. Science camps are hands-on learning programmes, mixing classroom and outdoor learning.

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