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By supporting our programmes your organisation can help communities connect with nature, and give them the tools and confidence to protect the natural world. We work where we can have the most impact, creating knowledge and inspiring action.

We are actively looking for new partners and funders across our programmes; please get in touch to discuss which of our programmes would best align with your organisation.

Tiny Forest

Since 2020, Earthwatch Europe has led Tiny Forest, a citizen science-based research and community engagement programme. Businesses can help fund Tiny Forest creation, science, and education that builds awareness of the benefits of nature-based solutions.

Supporting this project alongside community members, businesses can contribute to the resilience of the cities in which they operate.  This initiative can also provide excellent learning opportunities for staff who are invited to participate in the planting and maintenance. 

Green Earth Schools

Earthwatch’s Green Earth Schools programme transforms urban school grounds into nature-rich spaces for outdoor learning and play. Pupils are actively involved in the design of their new nature features, using LEGO® Build the Change to visualise and plan the space. This process helps students build a strong connection to nature and use their voices to drive solutions to environmental challenges. 

Businesses that support this programme enable Earthwatch and schools to work together to design, build and utilise these outdoor spaces.

Teach Earth

Our Teach Earth education programme is designed to equip teachers and trainee teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to connect children with nature as part of the curriculum. 

Every 20 teachers we train will impact 6000 students each year. We are looking for partners who can help us reach 50% of children from underserved communities by 2030. Your support can be customised, for example to a programme in a particular town, or year group.

Farming with Nature

We want to re-imagine the way we farm and produce food by working alongside farmers and agri-businesses.  

Our Farming with Nature programme helps farmers to increase sustainability by working with natural processes, using local nutrient cycles and adapting agriculture to local conditions.

Farmer in field

FreshWater Watch

Our FreshWater Watch programme is fighting for healthy freshwater habitats across the UK.

Working together with local communities and partners, we have created a growing network of concerned local citizens who care about the health of their precious freshwater resources: FreshWater Watch. This involves training community groups across the UK to use our FreshWater Watch toolkit to detect nutrient pollution and fight for real change.

Your business can support our growing national network of citizen scientists tracking the health of our rivers and fighting damaging pollution.

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