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We work where we can have the biggest impact – in our towns and cities, our farmed fields and throughout our network of rivers, lakes and wetlands. By working with communities across these three areas, we can build a movement to create a world where we live in balance with nature.

Towns and Cities

We want to create cities where nature and people can thrive. We support children to envision greener schools and help them to build what they imagine. We work with teachers to inspire them to teach about nature both inside and outside the classroom. We connect communities to plant trees and grow a movement. By working with people to guide and support their own nature ambitions, we can give urban communities access to nature and green space to improve mental and physical health.

Rivers and Lakes

Every drop of fresh water is precious. But pollution, climate change and over-abstraction have brought our fresh water systems to crisis point. Many lakes and rivers are no longer fit to swim in and our water supplies for drinking and growing food are threatened. We want to transform rivers into clean, thriving habitats for people and wildlife. We support communities to connect with their local rivers, wetlands and lakes and give them the tools and resources to identify problems and fight for improvements. Our simple citizen science tools and support from expert scientists help communities to investigate and understand local sources of pollution and to create a robust evidence base to fight for change. We help communities monitor progress and celebrate success. And above all we bring people together to form a powerful movement for change.

Farming and countryside

We want to re-imagine the way we farm and produce food. Over the last 50 years, intensive farming has been the single biggest driver of biodiversity loss. We want to change that. We collaborate with farmers and agricultural businesses, helping them to monitor and reduce their negative impact on nature. We support farmer-led innovation that advance nature-friendly farming. We help farmers to re-connect with the land they work and support them to transition to nature-friendly farming practices. Alongside farmers, we work with agricultural businesses and support organisations to show that change is possible and how they can support farmers on the journey to nature friendly farming.

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