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Over the last 50 years, intensive farming has been the single biggest driver of biodiversity loss. We want to change that. We want to re-imagine the way we farm so that we produce food to meet our needs, in balance with nature.

We collaborate with farmers and agricultural businesses, helping them to monitor and reduce their negative impact on nature.

We support farmer-led innovation that advance nature-friendly farming. We help farmers to re-connect with the land they work and support them to transition to nature-friendly farming practices. Alongside farmers, we work with agricultural businesses and support organisations to show that change is possible and how they can support farmers on the journey to nature friendly farming.

Farmer in field

Farmers to citizen scientists

A farmer does water testing on his land

Citizen science – actively involving non-scientists in scientific research –  is a key feature of almost all of Earthwatch’s environmental research projects.

We believe it is vital to involve local people in environmental monitoring and research efforts. Their local knowledge is essential for understanding the data. And seeing environmental impacts first hand creates understanding and inspiration for change. It’s part of our mission to create knowledge and empower people to make positive changes for the environment. 

Our citizen science has evolved and changed enormously over the years, branching out to reach a wider audience and advancing data quality and impact. We are proud to be at the forefront of the global citizen science movement, developing and sharing best practice for the benefit of people, wildlife and nature.  

Citizen science has a crucial role to play in the agriculture transition. By working with farmers and communities and developing the citizen tools for them to use, we can build robust datasets, inspiration and new collaborations to inform and enable positive changes to agriculture practices.

I never saw myself as a scientist. I don’t feel like a scientist. I don’t feel qualified enough. But when you put ‘citizen’ in front of that… no problem

Cathal Flood, farmer and fresh water citizen scientist

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