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Empowering urban communities to bring nature to their doorstep

Our Naturehood programme works with underserved communities in urban areas, helping them overcome barriers to connecting with nature.  

We believe that community engagement and co-creation is the best way to deliver sustainable environmental changes. This approach allows us to be led by the communities we work with to better understand their experiences and motivations, ensuring we create the greatest impact and adapt our projects to meet local needs. 

Through Naturehood, we work closely with people to create community-scale strategies designed to address the priorities each individual neighbourhood has identified, provide community ownership and bring people together through collective action and shared vision. We adapt our approach to each community, focusing on creating sustainable structures and building networks, as well as offering continuous support via our online platform to make sure Naturehood lives on after the project ends.  Together we can bring nature to the communities that stand to benefit from it most. For people and wildlife.

How we make a difference

Naturehood empowers communities to take positive action for wildlife in their local spaces. We provide resources for everyone to bring nature into their community, no matter where they live or how much space they have access to.  

Naturehood works with people to co-create the natural spaces and activities they want to see. What we bring to each Naturehood community is unique to the needs and desires of that local space and its people. From vegetable planters to pond dipping, there’s something for everyone. Naturehood supports groups to build their own vision of a community connected to nature.

Naturehood’s work with disadvantaged communities in Oxford is supported by the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund.

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