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We are proud to work with businesses, communities, scientists, local governments, other NGOs and educators to drive the change we need to live within our means and in balance with nature.

We are actively looking for new partners and funders across our programmes; please get in touch to discuss which of our programmes would best align with your organisation.


Naturehood empowers individuals and communities to take action for nature for both people and wildlife. Our Naturehood partners enable Earthwatch to provide resources to help people get started and bring communities together to make a real difference for wildlife.

Green Earth Schools

Our Green Earth Schools programme helps to transform school grounds into nature-rich spaces for exceptional outdoor learning and play. Our fantastic Green Earth Schools partners are helping us create more access to nature for children in urban areas.

Teach Earth

Our Teach Earth education programme is designed to equip teachers and trainee teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to connect children with nature as part of the curriculum and empower them to take positive action for the planet. Together with our partners we’re on a mission to reach 50% of children from underserved communities by 2030.

FreshWater Watch

FreshWater Watch is a global project which enables individuals and communities to monitor, protect and restore their local water resources. We bring together communities, businesses, governments, scientists, and educators to protect our fresh water.

Tiny Forest

Across the UK, Tiny Forests are reconnecting people with nature, enhancing wellbeing, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change and providing nature-rich habitat patches to support urban wildlife. Earthwatch works with landowners, local councils, businesses, schools and communities to identify suitable sites in urban locations; aiming to plant 500 Tiny Forests by 2030.


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