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Our Innovation Team works on projects funded by the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation – Horizon Europe

We are continually innovating to make our science more impactful and to stay at the forefront of the global citizen science movement. We lead and contribute to a range of projects that advance the field of citizen science by researching its impact on society, sharing expertise and developing new technological tools.

Our projects

Citizen Science


CROPS supports the transition of citizen science from small-scale to a Europe-wide level, moving it towards a modern, open-science approach…. Read more
Fresh Water


ProBleu will expand and support the Network of European Blue Schools and improve ocean and water literacy across school communities…. Read more
Citizen Science


Developing metrics and instruments to evaluate citizen science impacts on the environment and society, as well as science, the economy… Read more

Fresh Water


MoRe4nature aims to trigger transformative change in conservation efforts regarding zero pollution, biodiversity protection and deforestation prevention by including citizens… Read more
Citizen Science


CircleUp aims to encourage over 100 households to adopt ‘circular-economy’ buying, using and disposing behaviours, to reduce the amount of… Read more
Nature in Cities


NATALIE addresses existing and threatening climate risks and proposes the application of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to participate in solving them…. Read more


Benchmarks is building a European network – and an integrated soil health monitoring framework – to advance soil research, monitor… Read more


RURALITIES creates and enables resources to empower rural people as agents of change in six “Simplified Rural Socio-Ecological Systems” and… Read more


CHEERS aims to improve the value of under-used products and waste from the brewing industry for conversion into bio-products. The… Read more
Fresh Water


Iliad is developing virtual representations of the sea – called “Digital Twins” – that integrate data from multiple sources, including… Read more

Completed Projects

Citizen Science


Cos4Cloud developed thirteen technological services to improve citizen observatories by helping them to increase the quantity and the quality of… Read more
Citizen Science


EU-Citizen.Science is an online platform for sharing knowledge, tools, training and resources for citizen science – by the community, for… Read more
Fresh Water


MONOCLE developed low cost and high-autonomy sensors and platforms for optical water quality monitoring of coastal waters, lakes and estuaries…. Read more
Citizen Science

Ground Truth 2.0

Ground Truth 2.0 set up and validated a co-design approach to develop six citizen observatories in real conditions, in four… Read more

Partner with us

Earthwatch can provide FreshWater Watch testing kits, Soil Health toolkits and Tiny Forest case studies to any European project

The Innovation Team has shared expertise in citizen science, co-design, capacity building and impact assessment, as well as speciality focus areas. If your consortium is looking for any of these elements, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Get in touch

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