Earthwatch at 50: Danielle Self - Earthwatch

Earthwatch at 50: Danielle Self

Earthwatch at 50: Danielle Self’s story

Getting close to nature and having fun with your friends; what better way to engage children in citizen science and conservation? So thinks Danielle Self, a teacher at Idris Davies School in Tredegar, Wales. Danielle has led two Discover Earth Roadshows which see the whole school involved in a day of hands-on citizen science.

Discover Earth Roadshow at Idris Davies School

Danielle was inspired to take on the challenge after attending a Discover Earth Hub Day where Earthwatch brings teachers from a local area together to network, collectively learning about citizen science and how to bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life.

“Some children spend too much time on handheld devices and not enough time outdoors. It is important for them to spend time learning about nature hands-on rather than looking at a screen or at it through a window. Sometimes this isn’t an option when they go home so it is important for us to provide opportunities for this in school.” 

Danielle firmly believes that outdoor opportunities in school will leave children with memories that last a lifetime.

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