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Earthwatch Science Camps offer early-career environmental researchers, such as those considering or already undergoing a PhD, the exciting opportunity to learn about and explore the role of community engagement in environmental research.

Science camps are hands-on learning programmes. Delivered over five days in the field, they provide immersive, expert-led, peer supported training to develop skills, knowledge and confidence in science communication, engaging communities in research, co-creation approaches in science such as citizen science and enhancing nature connection.

To address the challenges our planet faces today, we need environmental scientists and researchers who can understand, connect, innovate and co-create. Researchers who can work with and for communities, increase participation and understanding in science, communicate results and implement joint solutions. A wider array of backgrounds and experiences are needed to generate the ideas, solutions and outputs the environmental sector needs. 

“The course has inspired me. I want to take action in becoming a role model for younger women in science and introducing a community-centred approach in my research.”

Community engagement in research, or citizen science, has been a core element of how Earthwatch has helped connect people to the planet. Science has identified the causes of climate change and loss of biodiversity. Science is essential if we’re to face and solve these crises.

By working with communities to gather data, scientists can massively increase the amount of data collected. But community engagement also has the power to do so much more, it equips communities with knowledge to inform local decisions and empowers them to take action. Citizen science can benefit whole societies, but only if environmental scientists choose to use it.

“I have a much better idea about Community Science now than I had before. I have some tools that allow me to ask the right questions when planning Community Science. It’s also very encouraging and empowering knowing that we’re a community of people looking for things to change.”

What can you expect from a Science Camp?

  • Equitable access to science training
  • Peer learning experiences and a chance to build networks
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to:
    • Include citizen science in your research
    • Understand methods and approaches of current citizen science projects
    • Engage diverse communities with science
    • Value and understand co-creation and equity in science
    • Enhance nature connection and its value to both scientists and the communities with whom they work
    • Take positive action to embed these approaches in their current and future research
    • Undertake citizen science research projects

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