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Why work with us

We help businesses understand their environmental impacts, build resilience and demonstrate leadership in sustainability.

About our corporate partnerships

We have a deep commitment to delivering impact and will be a trustworthy and objective partner, working alongside you and challenging you as you create a more sustainable business.

As an international, science-based NGO with 50 years of expertise and independent research organisation (IRO) status, we provide clear evidence-based recommendations on how you can best achieve a more environmentally sustainable way of operating and conducting business.




Business-relevant research exploring individual company and industry-wide impacts on the environment to inform and improve the sustainability of operations.

Educational training programmes that engage employees, business leaders, suppliers and clients on environmental sustainability and the critical challenges facing the natural world.

Activities that engage the public, primarily using citizen science, for fun and immersive experiences to support the development of evidence-based solutions to pressing environmental issues. These activities support CSR and sustainability agendas.

What you’ll get from our partnership

Scientific expertise tailored to meet your needs. We design and undertake bespoke research to enable businesses to better understand and improve the environmental impacts of their operations.

Employee engagement programmes that will have a real impact. We understand what an engagement strategy needs to look like to achieve ‘buy-in’ from staff at all levels of seniority.

A trusted partner. We’ll support you as an independent and challenging partner to help you drive environmentally sustainable changes in your business.

Improved reputation, both externally and internally, by working with an Independent Research Organisation (IRO) with established scientific expertise to solve key threats to the natural world.

Impact.  We cut through the noise and form clear, evidence-based recommendations, helping to prioritise actions that will have a lasting impact for both the environment and for the business.

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The Bakery Sustainability Lab

The Bakery Sustainability Lab will enable like-minded organisations to join forces and innovate together towards the common goal of improving our sustainability, now.

Sustainability Leadership Programme

Driving change through education and personal commitment.

Our Partners

Find out more about our current business partners and how we work together to protect the natural world.

Case Studies

Read examples of the projects enabled by our partnerships, and the impact they’ve made.



Interested in working with Earthwatch? Find out how your business can help protect the environment.

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