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Our science

Earthwatch is an independent research organisation, employing world-class scientists with expertise on a range of environmental issues.

Our research topics include water and plastic pollution, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, nature-based solutions and climate change.

We generate understanding of environmental issues from global trends to local application, to advance and mainstream sustainable practices. We employ a range of research techniques and have particular expertise in the field of citizen science, as well as a highly-esteemed publication record.

Research topics

Find out more about our main environmental research areas.

Research projects

We are partners on a number of cross-organisational research projects

Collaborative partnerships

To find practical solutions to real-world problems we work closely with civic society, policy and practice stakeholders, including resource managers, businesses, NGOs, policymakers, community groups, schools and the public.

We don’t just engage with these groups, but actively involve them in our research. This advances our knowledge of barriers and opportunities, and enhances their understanding of environmental issues and opportunities for change.

We also work closely with an expansive network of universities and research institutes across the globe, collaborating on projects, sharing knowledge, and regularly (co-)hosting interns and MSc or PhD students.

We are leading on and contributing to major EU and UKRI research projects as well as research funded by a number of trusts and foundations. In 2019, we received Independent Research Organisation (IRO) status from the UK research councils. If you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Supporting scientists

We have helped more than 760 scientists take major strides in their careers through vital conservation research training on our projects, research grants, and a global business mentoring scheme.

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