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Working together to live within our means and in balance with nature


In just 50 years we have lost over half of our wildlife and we have as little as 12 years to limit the impacts of climate change.

Collaboration between governments, policy-makers, businesses, civil society and scientists is essential if we are to tackle these complex challenges. Earthwatch Europe helps make this happen. Using a blend of science and engagement, we deliver evidence-led experiences that educate and inspire action to arrest this environmental decline.


Our new strategy puts environmental impact at the heart of what we do, building on half a century of bringing people, science and nature together to create environmental knowledge. We are focusing on key challenges where we can make the most difference: reducing the pollution of our water bodies; enhancing the health of our coasts; increasing the sustainability of agricultural land management and creating thriving places to live and work.

Creating places to live and work
We engage with global businesses and local communities to understand how urban green spaces, including gardens and parks, can best be managed to increase climate resilience and biodiversity. This work will inform urban planning and decision-making as well as personal behaviour.
Enabling sustainable agricultural land management
Working with businesses, farmers, academics & policy-makers to understand the impact of agricultural production & to improve nature-based practices. We are expanding our research on climate change, land use and supply chains to address flood risk, erosion and carbon emissions. We take a landscape approach to agricultural land management to support healthy soils & wildlife.
Reducing pollution in our water bodies
We enable communities, businesses and water managers across Europe and Africa to monitor and address nutrient pollution. In addition, we are bringing stakeholders together on the issue of plastic pollution, mapping the pathways from source to sea and inspiring action to address this urgent challenge.
Enhancing the health of our coasts
We partner with communities, academics, NGOs, businesses and governments to map and understand how coastal biodiversity is changing, especially in response to climate change. We will expand these programmes to develop and embed innovative practices to protect coasts in the UK and abroad.


We believe people can tackle the threats facing the natural world, but only through collective action. We convene the right people and tailor our special blend of science and engagement to make this happen:

Engaging business - We work with business to engage employees with environmental issues and to develop solutions to these challenges.

Empowering communities - We connect with individual hearts and minds to inspire action.

Informing policy and management - We use the outputs of all of our work to inform decision making at every level, from local, national and international.

Inspiring educators - We empower educators to turn the great outdoors into their classroom, inspiring their students to become more sustainable and contributing to scientific research.

Enabling scientists  - We build capacity among early career researchers and environmentalists to help them become the environmental leaders of the future.


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