Earthwatch invites business partners to accelerate environmental sustainability through immersive learning - Earthwatch

Earthwatch invites business partners to accelerate environmental sustainability through immersive learning

Businesses are at the front line of global efforts to achieve environmental sustainability. In this new era of constant change, the winners will be those who embed and action their sustainability strategies and commitments across every facet of their organisation. 

Earthwatch Learning is designed to accelerate business transformation around environmental sustainability, offering immersive experiences in inspiring outdoor settings and dynamic online learning techniques. 

Earthwatch Learning: Rooted in Nature 

Created to address business needs in an ever-changing landscape, Earthwatch Learning offers three areas of work – Sustainable Leadership, Sustainable Operations and Sustainable People – to inform, motivate and drive change across all levels of organisations. 

At its heart is a unique approach: using nature as a classroom. Wherever possible, participants conduct activities in natural environments to help them step outside their work environment and participate in thought-provoking, action-orientated conversations. 

Where a fully nature-based experience isn’t possible or practical, Earthwatch Learning uses innovative digital techniques to maximise virtual immersion, to explore worldviews about the environment and to promote a cognitive, emotional and philosophical connection to nature. 

Example activities include: 

  • Guided walks through natural environments 
  • Using nature imagery and sounds to facilitate reflection 
  • Online workshops on topics such as green infrastructure and nature-based solutions to climate change.

Maria Pontes, Director of Progammes and Partnerships at Earthwatch, says: “I am so excited to be launching this programme, which will help our business partners realise their sustainability goals. Our expert team has created a set of unique programmes that actively engage employees at all levels of an organisation, and give them the tools to bring about profound change in their business.” 

Drawing on three decades of experience 

For more than 30 years, Earthwatch has worked with 15 global organisations to support their sustainability agendas. Through those partnerships we have: 

  • Educated over 25,000 employees on critical environmental issues 
  • Supported over 2,500 senior leaders to take sustainability back into their business to deliver on their strategies 
  • Conducted independent research into five business-relevant environmental issues. 

Earthwatch’s learning programmes have won multiple accolades, most recently at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2020 and Global Good Awards 2020. 
Free Earthwatch Learning taster sessions will take place throughout the year, helping partners experience a variety of tools, techniques and real-life examples of what makes our programmes uniquely beneficial for their business. 

Our first three sessions will be online, running from 11am to 1pm on: 

Friday 28 January 
Thursday 3 March 
Friday 25 March 

To find out more and reserve a space, visit

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