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London Marathon 2024: Support Connor!

Much of Earthwatch Europe’s work wouldn’t have the impact it does without public support, including the wonderful fundraisers who have run (or walked) the London Marathon for us. Hear from our marathon runner Connor why he chose to join our team this year.

Why did you decide to run the London Marathon this year? What made you choose Earthwatch as your charity to support?

During the pandemic, like many others, I took up running without a specific goal or plan. After moving to London in 2022, the idea of participating in one of the world’s largest marathons excited me, and after watching the London Marathon last year I knew I had to do it for myself. Sustainability has always been important to me, so when I saw I could run the London Marathon with Earthwatch Europe, I started my application immediately. Since relocating to the UK from Australia, Earthwatch was the first sustainability charity that I encountered, being introduced via my employer, Funding Circle. Since then I have learned more about their impactful collaborative sustainability efforts, and I’ve even had the opportunity to volunteer myself with the Earthwatch team. 

Sustainability has always been important to me, so when I saw I could run the London Marathon with Earthwatch Europe, I started my application immediately.

Have you taken part in the London Marathon (or a similar fundraising event) before?

This is my first time running a marathon, so I was stoked to learn my first would be the London Marathon. While I’m new to marathon running, I’ve taken part in various other fundraising efforts. Most notably is the Rottnest Swim back in Australia, which is a 20km open water swim in which I’ve supported various charities and non-profits.

How is the Marathon training going? What do you like best / least about training?

My marathon training is progressing well! Embracing a structured programme, as opposed to my usual sporadic approach, has been a great change. We have a nice running club at Funding Circle, and runs with this group are my favourite training sessions. Admittedly, the most challenging sessions tend to be the morning after seeing friends and the previous night’s festivities which are less than optimal preparation.

How can people support you with your fundraising challenge?

I encourage support through donations on my Enthuse fundraising page:

  • £15 could buy vegetable plants for an urban school as part of Green Earth Schools.
  • £25 could buy freshwater quality testing kits for our FreshWaterWatch volunteers.
  • £50 could support our community monitoring events at our Tiny Forests.

I will be posting updates on my runs to the page. Stayed tuned for my short video series running between Earthwatch’s Tiny Forests and various UK landmarks.

Pupils taking part in a Tiny Forest Planting Day

You first heard of Earthwatch through our partnership with Funding Circle. What sparked your interest in Tiny Forest? How have you been involved?

Earthwatch captured my interest as an innovative approach to sustainability. I found their Tiny Forest programme in particular a great way to do good for the local environment whilst also serving as a great platform for local residents to get involved and learn. I had the pleasure of getting my hands dirty at a Tiny Forest Science Day back in October. It was a great day out monitoring the progress of the Peckham Tiny Forest, and meeting some Earthwatch team members.

Inspired to take part?

Applications for the London Marathon 2024 are now closed. Contact our Fundraising Team today to register your interest for the London Marathon 2025 and join our team next year.

What we offer our fundraisers

  • Personal support via email from our Fundraising Team
  • Training tips from a qualified running coach
  • Virtual meetings and exchange with other runners
  • Free runners vest sent ahead of the event
  • Cheerful support from Earthwatch staff members on the event day

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