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Claire Narraway

Senior Researcher

Claire is the Research Manager for Naturehood, a citizen science project that engages communities in providing wildlife resources in their private green space and monitoring the effect on wildlife. 

The project aims to provide a vehicle for communities to come together and in doing so, affect landscape level change for wildlife.  Claire obtained a BSc in Combined Honours Science: Psychology and Zoology from the University of Liverpool, examining associative learning in the garden snail for her third year dissertation; a MSc in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology from the University of Exeter, with a dissertation looking at genetic variation in the condition dependence of female preference; a PhD in Biology from University of California, Los Angeles where she studied the role of multi-level selection in the conflict between workers and queens over male parentage; and a PostDoc at University College London elucidating the use of biological concepts in the urban planning literature. 

She has worked in a variety of organisations from start-ups to housing associations, led groups of young people on expeditions in the Indian Himalayas and California’s James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, and volunteers with wildlife organisations including the British Trust for Ornithology. 

She is passionate about fostering diversity in science and is a member of two COST actions on citizen science.


  • Co-supervisor of PhD student Robert Feller, lead-supervisor René van Der Wal, University of Aberdeen – Naturehood, gardening practices and citizens’ actions.
  • EuroScitizen (COST Action): Member of the COST action to encourage scientific literacy in Europe. Contributing to the working group focusing on citizen science.
  • BTO Bird Ringing Scheme: Trainee

Research interests

  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Social Behaviour
  • Niche Construction
  • Citizen Science
  • Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology
  • Urban Design


Naturehood (National Lottery Heritage Fund)

Claire is Research Manager for Naturehood, examining landscape level effects of wildlife friendly gardening in urban environments.

Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe (COST Action)

Claire is a member of the COST action, helping to edit the book “The science of citizen science”, a 5m€ European project about modelling and simulation for systems medicine, of which he was the principal investigator and coordinator.


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