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Our research projects


We coordinate the MICS project, in which we work with six partners to develop an integrated platform to measure the costs and benefits of citizen science. This will increase the evidence base for developing effective nature-based solutions.


As a partner in COS4CLOUD, we are helping to bring together citizen science projects in the European Open Science Cloud through co-designed innovative services, improving the reach and quality of data.



The EU-Citizen.Science project, in which we are a partner, is building the central platform for citizen science in Europe. The platform is a place for sharing Citizen Science projects, resources, tools, and training.



Earthwatch Europe is part of the Multiscale Observation Networks for Optical monitoring of Coastal waters, Lakes and Estuaries (MONOCLE) collaboration. The project aims to improve satellite observations of coastal and inland waters.


As part of the NC4EE project researchers, including our own, collaborate with people from all walks of life to open up environmental research and empower people to tackle environmental challenges.





Our academic partners at the University of Birmingham, which oversees BIFoR, granted special permission for Earthwatch field teams to use this unique site. Volunteers studied the growth rates of trees and other aspects of the carbon cycle such as soil respiration rates.

Catch me if you CAM

Catch Me If You CAM – a pilot project delivered in collaboration with the High Life Highland Countryside Rangers and supported by Earthwatch – engaged children with their local biodiversity through the use of trail camera technology, with the ultimate aim of inspiring them to take action to protect their planet.


The CatchX platform is a global web-based catchment hydrological information platform that allows scientists, water stewards and non-expert users to easily access and visualise hydrological information for river catchment level water management and stewardship.

Freshwater Links

Freshwater Links is connecting the growing number of volunteer, regulatory and research datasets in the Thames catchment together with a suite of learning resources. This is an open data platform where all are welcome to seek insights into trends in the Thames catchment area and to encourage ideas that will help to improve the quality of your Thames aquatic environments.

Earthworm Watch

Participants from across the UK helped to map earthworms and soil health for Earthworm Watch, delivered in partnership with NHM London.


Ground Truth 2.0

In Ground Truth 2.0, six citizen science observatories in Europe and Africa enabled citizens to share data that played a crucial role in environmental monitoring, decision making, cooperative planning and environmental stewardship.


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