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Teacher Training with KS4 resources

Earthwatch Launches ‘Green Your Career’ KS4 Teaching Resources

We are thrilled to launch our new ‘Green Your Career’ KS4 teaching resources with support from our funding partner Hastings Direct. These resources will enable educators to show students how skills gained in any subject can be put towards creating a more sustainable future for people and planet.

With these modules, students will develop knowledge of what green skills are, how their subject-specific skills can become green, and how to apply them to potential career paths they are interested in.

They will learn about industries related to their subjects and green initiatives through a series of case studies and exercises. This will enable them to identify and strengthen the necessary skills they might need for the future.

By the end of the modules, students will have learned how to use the STAR method (often used by employers) to showcase their skills. They will also have the opportunity to design and conduct their own green project.

The Education team worked with secondary teacher trainees to test out the materials. The trainees found the modules enjoyable, engaging and useful.

The resources consist of four modules designed for KS4 teachers and students in (1) Design & Technology, (2) Performing Arts (including music, drama, TV, digital communications, social media), (3) Business, Economics and Politics, and (4) PE and Sports Science. They are curriculum-based but can be used outside of curriculum learning or be easily adapted to other subjects.

They can also be used by youth workers and career counsellors to raise awareness of the various careers available in the environmental sector regardless of career paths.

Hanna Mroczka, our Learning & Engagement Coordinator, said:

“Green Your Career resources have been designed to support KS4 educators and career councillors to show how important green skills are in any career path their students decide to follow.

The activities inspire fun, collaborative and practical ways of navigating the job market through a sustainability lens and show how each student can contribute to developing creative solutions to the current environmental crises. 

The resources support the implementation of Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy and Action Area 2 on Green Skills and Careers.”

Find out more and access the Green Your Career KS4 Teaching Resources here.

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