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Earthwatch launches Green Earth Schools programme to connect more school communities with nature

Earthwatch Europe is thrilled to launch Green Earth Schools this month – a new programme which will transform school grounds into nature-rich spaces for exceptional outdoor learning and play. 

Green Earth Schools builds on the success of Earthwatch’s Tiny Forest programme which has involved over 70 schools across the UK to date, engaging students with quality green space in urban areas. 

“It has been great to see the Tiny Forests we have planted with schools across the UK being used very creatively as outdoor classrooms and open-air science labs. A Tiny Forest consists of 600 trees planted densely in a tennis-court size plot. However, we recognise that not all schools have the space for this particular nature-based solution. As part of our new Green Earth Schools programme, we will collaborate with school communities to create the optimal nature features for their grounds. From edible gardens and planters to living walls, hedgerows and ponds – our selection of nature features now caters for all spaces, big and small.” 

Louise Hartley, Senior Programme Manager (Tiny Forest) 

Earthwatch will collaborate with school communities across the UK to identify, design and install the optimal nature feature(s) for their grounds. This will be done in a meaningful way, with citizen science-based resource and activity packs that link to the national curriculums and support outdoor learning, environmental and STEM education. Teachers will receive tailored support to build their skills and confidence in leading inspiring outdoor and environmental learning, enabling the school to use the nature feature to maximum effect. 

The Earthwatch Education Team is confident that Green Earth Schools will provide school communities with more than the obvious environmental benefits of green spaces: 

“We help students build a strong connection to nature and use their voices to drive solutions-based approaches to environmental challenges. These skills and experiences will enable more students to choose the green careers that are needed to tackle the climate crisis.”

Megan Evans, Learning Manager 

Students will be empowered to co-create the green space in their school grounds and to build a lasting legacy as these living science labs will be maintained for future generations of pupils to enjoy. 

We are excited to be launching the project with Bygrove Primary School in London, where we will be working with students at the school to design their nature space in March 2023, made possible with support from the Tomoro Foundation. Fiona Durnian, Head of School at Bygrove Primary School, said:

“Our school is situated in a densely populated part of London with very few green spaces. Many of our children live in flats without access to garden spaces. Our children love being in nature for their learning and play, so opportunities to engage with nature are valuable. They are also important elements of our curriculum, particularly the science and geography learning. As well as a way to enhance learning, we believe that access to nature and green spaces is integral to high well-being and happiness.”

This new programme is a great opportunity for funders looking to invest into a greener future and the next generation of environmental changemakers. 

For more information, please take a look at our Green Earth Schools page or contact our Development Team.   

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