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We help businesses to understand their environmental impacts, build resilience and demonstrate leadership in sustainability.

As an independent research organisation, our approach is grounded in evidence and delivered through a combination of engaging and immersive experiences. We work with a wide range of businesses to help them minimise their impact on the natural world and take the actions necessary for a sustainable planet.


Providing sustainability leadership and learning expertise through employee engagement and scientific research. 

Mitsubishi Corporation

Researching the impacts of climate change and thermal dynamics on coral species in the Seychelles.

Royal Bank of Canada

Connecting local communities to support research into conserving and restoring urban lakes, rivers and streams across Europe.

Shell Group

Engaging employees through an experiential learning programme which connects them with environmental challenges and solutions.

Tate & Lyle

Researching the sustainability of agricultural supply chains and identifying steps to maximise socio-economic benefits.

Thames Water

Investigating freshwater pollution sources within the Thames catchment and monitoring the effectiveness of phosphate reduction measures.

Unity Trust Bank

Reconnecting employees with the natural environment and contributing to vital research, to produce meaningful scientific data and enhance skills for evidence-based decision making.

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Interested in working with Earthwatch? Find out how we can help your business become more sustainable.

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