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Super tiny, 

super powerful 



Why do we need Tiny Forests?

Tiny Forests are densely packed native forests, that fit into the size of a tennis court.

That means they bring all the benefits of a forest – climate cooling, lower flood risks, biodiversity, improved air quality, and physical and mental wellbeing – right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces. 

Helping to tackle the climate crisis, one Tiny Forest at a time.

How does a Tiny Forest work? 

Δ A mix of 600 native trees planted in a tennis court size plot.

Δ Up to 30 times more dense than conventional tree plantings, maximising benefits per hectare of land.

Δ A fast growing forest, 10 times faster than regular forests due to the planting & management methodology.

Δ A new dense green space with low management requirements, becoming maintenance free after three years.

Δ Chemical and fertiliser free forest that sustains itself once established, and supports local biodiversity.

Sponsor a Tiny Forest 

Make your business and community sustainable. Sponsor a Tiny Forest today.

Host a Tiny Forest 

Provide land for a Tiny Forest and help tackle the climate crisis.

Donate to a Tiny Forest

Donate towards a Tiny Forest and help to make the world more sustainable.

High impact,
small footprint 

Just four years after planting, a single Tiny Forest will deliver these benefits:

Δ Absorb 450-600kg of carbon: up to 30x better absorption compared to other tree-planting schemes

Δ Attract more than 500 species of plants and animals

Δ Process 30,000 litres of rain

Δ Improve air quality by reducing polluting floating particulates by up to 10%

Δ Up to 30x better noise reduction compared to other tree-planting schemes

Δ Direct links to business sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental, social corporate governance (ESG)

Δ Connect communities to nature and support wellbeing

Δ Provide a location for an outdoor classroom for kids in urban areas.

Get involved                      

Earthwatch is the only UK partner of IVN, the organisation leading the Tiny Forest movement. Using the Miyawaki forest management technique developed over the past 40 years, we aim to plant over 150 forests in the UK by 2023. 

We work with a range of organisations to drive sustainable change and can explore different partnerships and funding models, such as crowdfunding.

We are seeking visionary sponsors and land owners to help us make this aim a reality.

We are seeking visionary sponsors and land owners to plant over 150 Tiny Forests by 2023.

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