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Employee engagement

Our immersive learning programmes engage the employees and stakeholders of our business partners.

Participants return to work with increased awareness and motivation to take action on sustainability-related business risks and opportunities.

100% of participants could identify sustainability-related business risks and opportunities and felt confident to address these.

96% of participants felt that taking action on climate change and sustainability benefits their business.

90% of senior leaders felt that the programme helped to embed sustainability into the DNA of the business.

>80% of participants say they felt proud to work for their company and have an increased commitment to their organisation.

Ranging from a day to week-long experiences, our programmes engage employees with business-relevant environmental issues such as climate change and ecosystem services.

Through a tailored programme where they are supported by skilled facilitators, participants increase their understanding of relevant sustainability issues and create action plans relating to their roles.

Our courses are experiential and primarily outdoor-based. They inspire participants to engage with the issues by participating in hands-on environmental research projects, working alongside expert scientists and collecting vital data. This data contributes to greater scientific understanding and the evidence-based action urgently needed to tackle complex environmental issues.

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Empower your workforce to be champions of the environment.


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