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Mitsubishi Corporation

Earthwatch and Mitsubishi Corporation have worked together since 1993, making the company one of our longest-standing partners.

Since 2006, Mitsubishi Corporation has supported the Global Coral Reef Conservation Project, for which the main research focuses on three key locations: the Seychelles, Okinawa, Japan and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

The work in the Seychelles is a partnership between Mitsubishi Corporation, Earthwatch, the University of Essex, the Seychelles National Park Authority and the University of Western Australia. To support the project, five Mitsubishi Corporation employees are trained in its research methodologies every year and contribute through hands-on data collection and participation.

Mitsubishi Corporation also supports Earthwatch's commitment to enhance the skills and expertise of early career researchers, environment and conservation professionals from the Indian Ocean region, by funding nine talented individuals each year to benefit from a tailored research experience and development programme.

Find out more about our work supporting early career scientists.

Coral recovery

The identification of resilient coral types and conditions which best protect them from the impact of climate change. These coral species can be transplanted to badly affected areas, promoting the recovery of those reefs damaged by El Niño in 1998 and 2016.

Working with stakeholders

Earthwatch and the University of Essex are working in close collaboration with the Seychelles National Park Authority to translate scientific knowledge into management action that will decrease threats of climate change to both people and the natural world.

Bridging the gap

In developing countries, essential conservation skills are often missing from academic training programmes, and funding to train the next generation of conservation leaders is scarce, hence the need for funded places for local scientists on the research project in the Seychelles.

Working with local communities

We are working with the local community to understand the implications of coral reef degradation on fishing and livelihoods. Our work informs conservation plans which work with, and in support of the people and their families, who depend on this vital resource.   

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