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Climate change expeditions

Please note that Earthwatch expeditions are booked by our US office. For more information, please request a copy of our expedition guide or call +44 (0)1865 318831.

The expeditions listed here are just a small number of those we run. You can search for your perfect Earthwatch expedition on our US website.

Featured expeditions

Climate change at the Arctic's edge

Shrinking sea ice, retreating glaciers, a tree line migrating farther north and less snow that also melts earlier. What do these climate-related changes mean for the Arctic and for all of us?

Wildlife in the changing Andorran Pyrenees

Environmental change shows itself in countless small ways. Engage your powers of observation to discover evidence of these changes in one of the world's most fragile and beautiful places.

Australia's changing islands

Rising temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events is changing the distribution of species on Queensland's tropical islands. Help researchers understand these impacts.

Images; iStock/Lynn Bystrom, iStock/Henryk Sadura, iStock


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