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Go wild service aims to help families stay calm

We have launched a new service for parents to help children feel that they are doing something positive for nature and connected to the outdoors, and to help reduce anxiety among families during the lockdown period.

A change in routine and lack of access can be difficult for children and, at the same time, many parents are climbing the walls wondering how to occupy them. Our new service offers a sense of connection with nature and purpose, designed specifically for primary aged children.

Developed by our environmental scientists and outdoor learning specialists, the Wild Days service will provide accessible activities every day for the next six weeks, with subscribers receiving a ‘daily edition’ which will include science and outdoor learning inspired videos, activities, and games.

The programme will cover the themes of wildlife, food, water, soil, climate and shelter and will feature Earthwatch ambassadors including naturalist and TV presenter, Nick Baker, and Michaela Strachan, presenter of the BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch programmes. 

Other Wild Days contributors include Mya-Rose Craig, the world’s top teen birder aka Twitter’s @BirdgirlUK who has 14.6K online followers, and Bella Lack, 17-year-old conservationist and blogger with 150K followers.

Mya-Rose said:  “As humans, we are part of the natural world, which is why it is essential that we keep that connection with nature for our health, well-being and healing. The new service from Earthwatch, Wild Days, will allow families to engage with nature, no matter what their background or where they live, and is also a great distraction from worry and boredom.”

During Week One, children will discover the UK’s wildlife communities with videos on the common flora and fauna found in our gardens, balconies and window boxes; accompanied by interesting and informative tasks, such as conducting a wildlife survey, and enjoying craft activities and games including wildlife bingo.                                                                                              

By subscribing to the service, £3 per daily edition or £8 per week, users will gain exclusive access to high-quality content created by our environmental scientists, outdoor learning experts and celebrity ambassadors.  

Funds raised through the subscription service will support our research into today’s environmental challenges and find solutions to these issues.  

“We live in wild times,” comments, Nick Baker. “Unpredictability is about the only aspect we can count on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy and appreciate the natural environment around us.

“Wild Days will help children interact with nature and learn about the natural world. Even the edges of windowsills hold tiny little eco-systems, so there is nature to be found everywhere. Our youngsters want to be doing positive things for the planet and this will help them on that path.”

Steve Andrews, Chief Executive, Earthwatch Europe adds: “There’s wealth of resources open to parents now online, but Wild Days provides quality content, developed by experts and saves parents the laborious job of sifting through vast reams of information to find what they need.

“And better still, parents are safe in the knowledge that activities are guaranteed to be fun and supporting a good cause at the same time.”

Parents can subscribe to the service via www.wild-days.org.  

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