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Luigi Ceccaroni

Senior Innovation Lead


Luigi Ceccaroni manages strategic innovation at Earthwatch.

Luigi obtained a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Bologna (Ravenna, Italy), with a thesis on paleoclimatic change in Antarctica; an MSc degree in Information-Technology Languages and Systems from BarcelonaTech (UPC); a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from UPC, with a thesis on ontologies and environmental decision-support systems; and an Executive MBA from EAE Business School. His activities include leading international initiatives on citizen-science data and metadata standardisation and interoperability. Previously, he was founder and research lead at 1000001 Labs, where he designed and developed decision support systems in the healthcare and environment domains.

2014-2020: Since 2019, Luigi is vice-chair of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). He was a member of the Board of Directors of ECSA. He was also a member of the Board of Directors and the vice-president of Greenpeace Spain.

2010-2014: Luigi worked as a senior member of the research staff at Eurecat (Spain), where he founded and coordinated the Personalised Computational Medicine research group.

2003-2011: Luigi was a senior member of research staff of the Software Department at UPC.

2003-2010: As the Director of research at TMT Factory (Barcelona, Spain), Luigi developed interactive television for blind people; a service of personalised and accessible orientation for tourism; and combined coordination and organisation mechanisms with model-driven design to create new software-development tools and services.

2005-2009: Luigi was an adjunct professor of Artificial Intelligence at UPC.

2001-2003: Luigi worked as a member of the research staff at Fujitsu Laboratories of America, in their Silicon Valley labs. He took part in the evaluation of European research proposals submitted in response to the call FP7-ENV-2007-1 for Theme 6 "Environment (including climate change)", specifically on forecasting methods and assessment tools for sustainable development taking into account differing scales of observation.

Luigi has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and has managed a total of more than 16 M€ as lead researcher in the period 2008-2021.



  • 2016-2020: Chairperson of the working group to “Improve data standardisation and interoperability” of the COST Action “Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe”
  • 2016-present: Member and ECSA liaison of the CSA’s international Data and Metadata Working Group

Research interests

  • Citizen science
  • Ontologies
  • Recommendation systems
  • Semantics
  • Personalisation
  • Application of artificial intelligence 


MICS (Horizon 2020)

Luigi is the principal investigator and coordinator of the MICS project (2019-2021).

EU-Citizen.Science (Horizon 2020)

Luigi coordinates Earthwatch’s efforts in EU-Citizen.Science (2019-2021).

COS4CLOUD (Horizon 2020)

Luigi coordinates Earthwatch’s efforts in COS4CLOUD (2019-2023).

Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe (COST Action)

Luigi is the chairperson of the working group to “Improve data standardisation and interoperability” of the COST Action (2016-2020) and an editor of the book “The science of citizen science”.

Citclops/EyeOnWater (FP7)

Luigi was the principal investigator and coordinator of the Citclops project (2012-2015), a 5 M€ European project about a citizens' observatory for coast and ocean monitoring.

Synergy-COPD (FP7)

Luigi wrote the winning proposal for the Synergy-COPD project (2011-2014), a 5 M€ European project about modelling and simulation for systems medicine, of which he was the principal investigator and coordinator.





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