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Josephine Head

Senior Research Manager

I'm a Senior Research Manager and I principally oversee the research aspects of Earthwatch’s freshwater and climate change projects.

I'm particularly interested in exploring the complex relationship between humans and the environment, the interdisciplinary nature of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and the role of individuals, communities and policy makers in addressing these issues.

I began my career as a primatologist, studying apes in Central Africa. After eight years conducting wildlife research and conservation at the landscape level, I began to question how wildlife conservation fits into the wider picture of global issues such as climate change, food security, freshwater access and public health.

I observed how we're pushing our earth system to outside its safe operating limits, and exceeding our planetary boundaries across multiple vital systems. I realised that the only way to ensure a healthy planet for future generations is to empower individuals and communities to engage with these challenges. The vision and objectives of Earthwatch are perfectly aligned with this approach, making it a fantastic place for me contribute towards a sustainable future.


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