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Our team

Our team is dedicated to helping people take action to save the natural world.


Steve Gray

Chief Executive

Neil Bailey

Head of Fundraising and Communications

Victoria McMillan

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Toos van Noordwijk

Director of Engagement and Science

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Anna Shannon

Head of HR

Pete Stimpson

Head of Finance and Operations

Engagement and Science

Josephine Head

Senior Research Manager

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Sarah Staunton-Lamb

Senior Engagement Manager

Steven Loiselle

Senior Research Manager

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Gitte Kragh

Senior Research Manager

Claire Williams

Senior Programme Manager

Luigi Ceccaroni

Exploitation and Dissemination Manager

Ben Williams

Project Manager

Alan Jones

Research Manager

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Macarena Cárdenas

Research Manager

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Martha Crockatt

Research Manager

Wim Clymans

Research Manager

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Luis Velasquez

Project Coordinator

Megan Evans

Engagement and Science Coordinator

Kat McGavin

Programme Coordinator

Anthony Roach

Community Engagement Coordinator

Adele Powell

Development Coordinator

Debbie Winton

Project Manager

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Chloë Dalglish

Project Development Coordinator

Valentin Meneveau

Research Intern

Corporate Partnerships

Caroline Hall

Senior Programme Manager

Stacey Baggaley

Senior Programme Manager

Ben Jack

Senior Programme Manager

Abi Jermain

Senior Learning Manager

Maria Pontes

Senior Programme Manager

Fiona Franklin

Senior Corporate Development Manager

Emma Wright

Senior Development and Engagement Manager

Zoe Greenwood

Senior Learning Manager

Ed Nemeshanyi

Corporate Development Manager

Phil Clarke

Development Consultant

Sarah Le Fevre

Learning Manager

Paul Scott

Learning Manager

Eliane Haseth

Learning Manager

Sarah Cheong

Programme Manager

Louise Hartley

Programme Manager

Claire Varney

Programme Coordinator

Rose Argall

Programme Coordinator

Samantha Hayes

Programme Coordinator

Emily Dullens

Programme Administrator

Fundraising and Communications

Emily Anderson

Supporter Development Manager

Gail Buckle

Communications Consultant

Anne Cooper

Development Manager (Trusts and Foundations)

Danielle Hudspith

Communications Manager

Martin Jefferies

Communications Manager

Hannah Marshall

Development Manager (Trusts and Foundations)

Kathryn Pintus

Communications Coordinator

Finance and Operations

Paul Spyker

Head of IT

Alice Oldfield

Impact Manager

Malcolm Macken

Finance Business Partner

Sabina Kalamus

Management Accountant

Jola Kulawiak

Finance Assistant

Natasha Muldoon

HR and Operations Coordinator

Mott Carter

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Achilles Tsitroulis

Technical Project Manager

Kevin Simmonds

Database Analyst

Vinay Saini

Systems Developer

Chris Deeney

Digital Project Coordinator

Liz Gray

Risk and Safety Advisor






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