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Our impact

Key impacts 2018

2801 pupils, 133 teachers and 81 trainee teachers participated in Discover Earth and Teach Earth.

1078 individuals trained in citizen science.

4673 participants have attended activities or events related to our programmes. 

10532 hours of citizen science undertaken (estimated).

Case studies

Discovering our rocky shores

Through a mass-surveying of the UK's rocky shores, new data gathered by volunteers is filling knowledge gaps on key species, as well as informing future policy and conservation strategies.

Volunteers spot water pollution

Water samples taken by volunteers helped identify the type and source of a pollutant in the Prial Drain, Lincolnshire, which enabled the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to quickly take action.

Employees test carbon dioxide in forests

Employees are gathering data as part of a unique experiment investigating the future impacts of climate and environmental change on woodlands.

Inspiring a wonder for wildlife

Teacher Jessica Edmonds was excited to see how our approach to outdoor learning could inspire her pupils. She invited us into Slater School, Leicester, to run a day of science in their local park.

Images: Rory Mackinnon, John Hunt, Tim Bearder


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