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Who we are

Earthwatch is an international environmental charity.

We create knowledge and inspire action through hands-on projects and activities which tackle the effects of climate change, the declining health of our rivers and oceans and the loss of wildlife and habitats.

Central to our approach is the use of citizen science, whereby people gather data to generate environmental insights and inform future policy.

Our approach

We empower people to save the natural world through direct action and policy influence on critical environmental issues.

Our impact

We're helping to change environmental policies, achieve conservation goals and make groundbreaking findings.

Our mission, vision and values

By following our mission, vision and values, we're creating a more sustainable future for all.

How your money is spent

The generous support of many partners, donors and individuals makes our vital work possible. See how our funding is spent.

Our team

Our team is dedicated to helping people take action to save the natural world.

Our history

For more than 40 years, we've supported vital scientific research all over the world.

Photos: John Hunt, Jay Ortiz, Keith Barnes


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