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Oceans and coasts

Facing threats from plastic pollution to over-fishing, oceans need our help more than ever

From biodiversity and food supply to the livelihoods of millions, so much depends on our oceans.

We believe that protecting this precious resource is everyone's responsibility.

Earthwatchers are filling knowledge gaps on key marine species and the effects of climate change. The data we collect will help protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy.


8 million
tonnes of plastic rubbish
ends up in the sea every year
Without action, there could be
more plastic than fish
in the ocean by 2050
mammals and one million birds die every year because of marine pollution
Oceans hold
of the world's water


Understanding our coastline

Through Capturing Our Coast, we're learning more about the species that live in our seas and how we can best protect them.

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Protecting coral reefs

Coral reefs support more marine life than any other ocean ecosystem. We're working with Mitsubishi Corporation to examine the impact of climate change on reefs in the Seychelles and inform plans to conserve them.

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Tackling marine plastic pollution

We're exploring the role rivers play in marine pollution, and working on new ways to prevent plastics damaging our oceans.

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Capturing Our Coast

We need your help to find out more about the species that live in our seas and how we can best protect them. Take part in an activity on a beach near you!

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Take a look at what's been published by Earthwatch, our scientists and our volunteers

Capturing our Coast - The story so far

Using citizen science to address conservation issues related to climate change and coastal systems

Mangrove and Seagrass Beds Provide Different Biogeochemical Services for Corals Threatened by Climate Change

Marine conservation policy in Seychelles: Current constraints and prospects for improvement

Contributions to publications and management plans from seven years of citizen science: Use of a novel evaluation tool on Earthwatch-supported projects

Coral research report for National Seychelles Park Authority 2017


Macarena Cárdenas

Research Manager

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Wim Clymans

Research Manager

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Josephine Head

Senior Research Manager

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Debbie Winton

Programme Manager

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Our oceans and coasts expeditions

From searching for endangered dolphins and whales in Costa Rica to tracking turtles in the Bahamas, join one of our expeditions today.

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