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Climate change

The greatest environmental threat we have ever faced

The effects of climate change are being felt right now by the environment, people and businesses.

This threat is too big an issue to tackle alone. Our work triggers the collective action needed to tackle the climate crisis and ensure a more sustainable future.


Sea levels
are rising faster than they have done for more than
2,500 years
Temperatures could rise by
by the end of the century,
putting people and wildlife in danger
Climate change
could cause the displacement of
250 million people
by 2050
There are now more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere
than at any other time in human history


Exploring the impacts of urbanisation

We're investigating how urbanisation and green urban areas affect climate change and the water cycle.

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Protecting coral reefs

Coral reefs support more marine life than any other ocean ecosystem. We're working with Mitsubishi Corporation to examine the impact of climate change on reefs in the Seychelles and inform plans to conserve them.

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Understanding how forests adapt

We've partnered with the University of Birmingham to use their £15 million experimental facility to investigate how forests will cope with an enriched carbon dioxide atmosphere.

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Take a look at what's been published by Earthwatch, our scientists and our volunteers

Relationships between tree growth and weather extremes: spatial and interspecific comparisons in a temperate broadleaf forest

Edge effects on moisture reduce wood decomposition rate in a temperate forest

Factors affecting soil fauna feeding activity in a fragmented lowland temperate deciduous woodland

Life‐history traits and landscape characteristics predict macro‐moth responses to forest fragmentation


Macarena Cárdenas

Research Manager

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Wim Clymans

Research Manager

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Alan Jones

Research Manager

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Our climate change expeditions

Our expeditions include measuring climate change on the edge of the Arctic and exploring how rising temperatures are affecting wildlife in Australia.

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