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Enabling scientists

We work with leading research institutes and emerging scientists to share research and promote connections and understanding between the science community and the public.

For more than 20 years, we have been supporting underfunded conservationists, working with leading research institutes and harnessing the power of citizen science to connect people to science and the environment.

Supporting scientists

We've empowered more than 760 scientists to take strides in their careers. Find out more about our grants and training opportunities, and hear from some of the early career scientists we've supported.

Citizen science

We are specialists in engaging people from all walks of life in science. We empower people to understand their environment and take action based on fact, not opinion.


Our researchers, projects and programmes result in robust studies that inform our understanding of the natural world and how we can best protect it.

Images: Kate Holt/Shoot The Earth, John Hunt, Jay Ortiz


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