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WaterBlitz Events

Your local fresh water needs you!

Je bent nodig!

We believe that we cannot truly understand what is going on in our rivers without collecting evidence to demonstrate how healthy, or unhealthy, they really are. We will use data collected by you during the WaterBlitz to identify clean waters, to pinpoint pollution hotspots, and to help inform where, who, when and how remedial actions should be taken.

We kunnen pas echt begrijpen wat er gaande is in onze rivieren als we bewijs verzamelen en kunnen laten zien hoe schoon of vervuild onze rivieren zijn. We gebruiken de tijdens de WaterBlitz verzamelde data om schone wateren te ontdekken, vervuilingsbronnen aan te wijzen en om informatie te verzamelen over waar, door wie, wanneer en hoe er actie ondernomen moet worden.


Upcoming WaterBlitz Events

Evenlode Waterblitz

1-4 July 2022

The Evenlode WaterBlitz event will be taking place in north-west Oxfordshire over a four-day period. People living within travelling distance of the Evenlode catchment area can register for a free water testing kit and help collect vital water quality measurements.

This event is free, easy to take part in, and will help the work of Earthwatch and the Evenlode Catchment Partnership. 

Registrations for this event are now closed, but check back soon to see the results collected by our citizen scientists!

Past WaterBlitz Events

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Eindhoven WaterBlitz

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Thames WaterBlitz

Dublin WaterBlitz

About the WaterBlitz

In urban areas around the world, our natural water is suffering from pollution and other human impacts. You can help us protect our water by providing vital information on water quality, local land use, and nearby environment. We could never collect this much information ourselves, so we are asking you to help us.

Having repeated measurements is vital to provide robust, scientific evidence, which can be used to make real changes. 


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