Earthwatch publishes Tiny Forest Monitoring Report 2022 - Earthwatch

Earthwatch publishes Tiny Forest Monitoring Report 2022

Earthwatch Europe has published its 2022 monitoring report for the Tiny Forest programme, showcasing the benefits that a young Tiny Forest can bring to urban communities and nature.

A Tiny Forest is a dense fast-growing native woodland. Earthwatch planted the UK’s first Tiny Forest in Witney, Oxford in 2020. Since then the movement has grown to over 150 forests, spanning the UK. 

This network of Tiny Forests provides a unique opportunity to examine the environmental and social benefits of urban woodlands. In 2022, 80 Tiny Forests from all over the country were monitored by volunteers, engaging almost 3,500 citizen scientists. These included the programme’s national network of Tree Keeper volunteers, members of local communities, schools and businesses. 

This report reveals initial findings from the programme’s five Tiny Forest research topics: biodiversity; flood management; tree growth and carbon storage; thermal comfort; and social benefits. The initial results are positive and will enable Earthwatch to build on this research and their understanding of the range of benefits as the Tiny Forests continue to grow. 

Infographic showing the results of the Tiny Forest 2022 monitoring season.

If you are interested in helping to record data at your local Tiny Forest or who would like to become a Tree Keeper volunteer, you can get in touch with the Tiny Forest team: Or you can check out our upcoming events here

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