Tiny Forest planted in Lancing to boost local biodiversity - Earthwatch

Tiny Forest planted in Lancing to boost local biodiversity

A Tiny Forest is a dense, fast-growing woodland made up of 600 native trees planted in an area the size of a tennis court. Earthwatch is pioneering the Tiny Forest initiative in the UK, and is partnering with visionary organisations, as well as government, business and local councils, to achieve its ambition of planting over 150 Tiny Forests in urban areas in the next two years.

Environmental issues such as flooding, heat stress and loss of biodiversity are increasingly affecting urban areas. Creating thriving and climate-resilient urban areas that support economic growth, whilst also enhancing livelihoods and wellbeing, is a considerable challenge.

Tiny Forests can play a part in facing this challenge. They bring the benefits of a forest – reconnecting people with nature and raising awareness, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change, as well as providing nature-rich habitat patches to support urban wildlife – right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces. 

Clara Stevenson, Programmes and Partnership Director at Earthwatch Europe, said:

“Tiny Forests provide rich opportunities for connecting people with the environment and sustainability.  It’s vital that we give people the knowledge and skills to protect our natural world and inspire them to take positive action from a young age.  We are delighted to have received funding for 12 Tiny Forests as part of DEFRA’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and the support and enthusiasm of Lancing Parish Council and West Beach Residents Association to bring this inspiring space to Lancing.”

Cllr Lydia Pope, Chairman of Lancing Parish Council said:

“Increasing biodiversity across the Parish Council’s numerous green spaces is an important part of our work to meet our commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon across our services by 2030. Just as importantly, however, rewilding areas within our parks will bring more interest and enjoyment for our community. 

We are delighted that Lancing was chosen by Earthwatch as one of the 12 of Tiny Forest projects to be delivered through the Defra Green Recovery Challenge Fund across the country. It comes hot on the heels of the successful Pocket Woodland we planted at Croshaw Recreation Ground in Autumn 2020.”

Chris Drew, Chairman of West Beach Residents Association said:

“The East Lancing Recreation Ground Tiny Forest site is perfectly placed to complement and promote conservation and environmental issues.

The benefits of the Earthwatch Tiny Forest project will inspire schools in Lancing and our families on West Beach to appreciate our natural environment for the future. We on WBRA will enjoy, support and assist this beneficial and exciting environmental project. West Beach Residents thank Earthwatch and Lancing Parish Council for selecting our area for the Tiny Forest project. “

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