First Tiny Forest in Jersey to be planted at Hautlieu School - Earthwatch

First Tiny Forest in Jersey to be planted at Hautlieu School


A Tiny Forest is made up of densely packed native trees where space is limited. The site at Hautlieu will see 600 native species planted in an area that is just over 200m2, roughly the size of a tennis court.


Students will begin planting the trees on Monday 22 February following ground preparation during the February half-term and they will monitor the progress of the forest and its impacts closely over the years to come.


Head Groundsman for Jersey Trees for Life, Robin Hart said: “These Tiny Forests provide big benefits, they absorb more carbon-dioxide compared to traditional tree planting due to accelerated growth as well as provide vital wildlife corridors. “


Hautlieu teacher Leonie Bedward said: “Students from Hautlieu are being taught the importance of sequestration and carbon absorption as part of the International Baccalaureate Environmental Systems & Societies course and these types of citizen science projects really help put learning into practice.“


Jane Burns, eco active Programme Manager “The first of our Tiny Forest projects is a fantastic reminder of the important role that trees can play in supporting carbon neutrality. Their ability to support local carbon sequestration and create a haven for wildlife is incredibly exciting, and I am looking forward to watching this one flourish.“


CEO of Jersey Electricity, Chris Ambler said: “Jersey Electricity is hugely committed to sustainability and have been behind a number of planting programmes across Jersey. Partnering with Earthwatch Europe for this project is hugely exciting. They are an independent research organisation who use science to better understand the environmental challenges we face, and to find solutions to these issues. We are keen to understand the benefits of Tiny Forests in Jersey and are confident that the results seen in other places that have introduced the Tiny Forest concept can be realised in Jersey”


Islanders can join the Climate Conversation here.

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