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Wildlife and habitats expeditions

Please note that Earthwatch expeditions are booked by our US office. For more information, please request a copy of our expedition guide or call +44 (0)1865 318831.

The expeditions listed here are just a small number of those we run. You can search for your perfect Earthwatch expedition on our US website.

Featured expeditions

Conserving endangered rhinos in South Africa

Rhino populations are in crisis due to the high value of rhino horn combined with widespread poaching. But what happens if they disappear entirely?

Exploring lions and their prey in Kenya

Can inventive livestock management bring balance between lions, other predators and prey back to the Kenyan savanna?

Following forest owls in the western US

Small forest owls rely on tree cavities for nesting but what happens when these cavities disappear? Join us and study owl ecology in several unique habitats.

Images: iStock/Jaco Beukman, iStock/Maggy Meyer, iStock/Megan Lorenz


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