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HSBC Sustainability Leadership Programme

HSBC has been one of Earthwatch's corporate partners for more than a decade and in 2009, launched the global Sustainability Leadership Programme (SLP) as a unique professional development experience for senior leaders.

It's designed to promote understanding and leadership of sustainability as a core business issue and opportunity.

About the programme

The SLP promotes sustainability using the organisation's most influential decision makers to create leaders in this field. With the scale of HSBC's operations, the reach of its customers, and the influence it holds over its investments, the programme has the potential to make significant global changes.

Senior managers participate in an intensive training programme, working alongside Earthwatch scientists undertaking vital data collection in the field and gaining a deeper understanding of climate change issues. Providing the unique opportunity to work alongside scientists in the field, more than 1,500 delegates to date have contributed over 23,500 hours to our research projects.

The programme ultimately gives senior managers the opportunity to understand sustainability and critical human-driven environmental change as core to their business, challenging them to identify opportunities that will make positive and responsible change at HSBC. It is one of many programmes HSBC and Earthwatch have collaborated on to increase understanding and engagement in sustainability.

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