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Wen Yu Weng

Wen-Yu Weng


Wen-Yu is currently a senior-level consultant at PA Consulting, where she helps grow the dynamic Energy Transition and Climate Response team. She brings an array of knowledge and experience to her role as a trustee, characterized by her extensive background in low carbon energy and infrastructure consultancy, and climate advocacy and strategy work. Her work encompasses a broad spectrum of commercial, economic, financial, technical, and regulatory aspects related to sustainability, and climate change. To date, Wen-Yu’s collaborative approach has enabled her to engage effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders, including innovators, suppliers, developers, investors, consumers, international organizations, civil society, and governments. Her project portfolio covers renewable and low-carbon generation technologies (especially wind, as well as storage, green hydrogen, low carbon mobility, and future systems and networks) as well as nature-based solutions.  

Recognized for her contribution to the field of sustainability, clean energy and climate change, Wen-Yu was honoured among the “50 ESG Rising Stars” globally, reflecting her impact and leadership in the field. Her interdisciplinary expertise is rooted in a strong science education from Mahidol University, Thailand, and is furthered by advanced degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. Her academic background covers  technology, economics, finance, and policy. 
Beyond her professional endeavours, Wen-Yu is deeply committed to education, social policy, and development. Wen-Yu was previously a full-time educator in London. She has taught primary, secondary and tertiary level students across three continents. In addition, she also co-founded the Taiwan Debate Union, Taiwan’s largest and most prominent education NGOs focussed on critical thinking thinking, leading it to significant success on the global stage, and has been involved in youth advocacy and sustainability through leadership incubation and mentorship programs in partnership with international organizations.  

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