Steve Andrews - Earthwatch

Steve Andrews

Chief Executive

Steve Andrews is the Chief Executive of Earthwatch Europe.

Steve is an entrepreneurial leader who is deeply concerned about threats to the global environment and has dedicated his working life to addressing them.

For most of his 30-year career he has founded and led non-profit and not-just-for-profit organisations. For example, through his own company, Whitewater, Steve has advised most of the UK’s top 20 charities on their individual giving and innovation programmes. One of his proudest achievements was leading the non-profit company, SunnyMoney, to becoming the largest seller of solar lights in rural Africa, selling 75,000 solar lights per month; an achievement which won SunnyMoney and Steve personally a number of international awards.

Steve joined Earthwatch as CEO in the summer of 2019 and is leading the charity to innovate and diversify its services. The charity has huge ambition to grow and improve its impact in this most urgent time for the planet.

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