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Dr Jack Matthews


Dr Jack Matthews is Geoheritage Conservation and Interpretation Officer at the Charnwood Forest Geopark, based out of the National Forest Company. He is an Honorary Researcher at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, specialising in research questions involving geology and palaeontology. His research examines questions around the first appearance of animals in the geological record, as well as policy engagement work involving the management of geological heritage.

In 2021 Jack was part of a team that successfully lobbied UNESCO to establish an International Geodiversity Day. This annual celebration will raise the profile of geodiversity, promoting the importance of non-living nature in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, its contribution to society, and the interconnection with biodiversity.

Jack holds a Doctorate and Masters in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford. He was previously Vice President (Graduates) of the Oxford University Student Union, and current serves as Vice-Chair of the Governing Board of the Codsall High Federation of Schools. Jack maintains a keen interest in politics, especially at the interface between science and policy.

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