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Give a unique and meaningful Christmas gift 

This Christmas, give a loved one a gift like no other. Make a positive difference for nature whilst providing a meaningful gift that will outlast Boxing Day and bring joy to many generations to come.  

By championing a tree for your family or friends, you will be supporting Tiny Forest, a movement that has created over 200 urban woodlands across the UK. Each forest provides homes for wildlife, tackles the effects of climate change and connects people with nature in the heart of urban communities.   

  • Over 6 million people in the UK don’t have easy access to green space
  • Our wildlife is in decline. Help us make space for wildlife in our towns and cities and give everyone access to the wonders of nature and ignite a passion to protect it
  • Champion a tree and help us create 500 Tiny Forests in towns and cities by 2030 – connecting 100,000 people with nature

From just £18, you can:

  • Choose a location for your tree which is meaningful to you or the person you’re gifting it to
  • Choose the tree species you’d like to champion
  • Create a personalised gift certificate

One in six species in the UK are now at risk of extinction – State of Nature Report 2023

Rather than buy your loved ones another pair of socks or chocolates, give a long-lasting Christmas gift that benefits people and wildlife. 

You can choose whether to sponsor a single tree (or multiple) and select a Tiny Forest location that is meaningful to you or your recipient.  Each tree is only championed once so any sponsorship will be unique to you. Your sapling will be in safe hands as it grows. Tiny Forests are cared for by a passionate network of Tree Keeper volunteers.   

Champion a tree from just £18 and give a lasting Christmas gift that gives back. 

Champion a tree

Championing a tree is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Pick your Tiny Forest on our map below (or let us pick one for you) 
  2. Choose your tree species and how many trees you’d like to sponsor 
  3. Receive a personalised tree certificate for you or your gift recipient 

Why champion a tree with Tiny Forest? 

People need nature. It supports our wellbeing and provides the resources we need to survive. But with over 80% of people in the UK living in towns and cities many of us are cut off from nature. We need to bring nature to where the people are. Where we live, work and play. This is what Tiny Forest does. By championing a tree with Tiny Forest, you will be helping us bring wild spaces to the communities who need them most. For people and wildlife.

Tiny Forests are planted with the Japanese Miyawaki method which means they grow much faster than conventional tree planting methods. They are designed to mimic natural forests and feature only native and naturalised tree species. Tiny Forests help to transform urban spaces in just a few years, attracting as many as 500 wild species in their first three years.

Tiny Forest is more than just trees. They reconnect people with nature, enhance our wellbeing, mitigate the impacts of climate change and provide nature-rich habitat for wildlife. Sponsor a tree and help fund a forest that makes a big impact.

If you are part of an organisation that is interested in gifting 20 trees or more to your employees, get in touch.  

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