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Xtinct Factor

Top comedians make the case to save their favourite animal but which one gets your vote? Listen to these hilarious highlights from our Xtinct Factor comedy night!


Orangutans' lives can be lonely; they spend up to 90% of their time by themselves. But what they lack in social skills, they make up for in size as the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. The Malay word orangutan means "person of the forest". Over to Duncan Wisbey (and some familiar voices)...


Otters have definitely mastered the art of underwater swimming. They can close their ears and nose in the water, and bubbles of air trapped in their fur give them a sleek, silvery appearance. Ben Pope tells why otters are otterly brilliant...

Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks have a fearsome reputation: they're top predators, preying on sea turtles, crocodiles, other sharks and even sick whales. They also have a 'sixth sense' and are able to detect electric fields emitted by their prey. Matt Highton tells us about a time he 'sensed' a tiger shark nearby...

Leather-Back Turtle

The king of all sea turtles, the leatherback can grow to over six feet long and weigh up to 900kg. Leatherbacks are also unique among their counterparts, with a leather-like oily 'skin' rather than a hard shell. Here's Rachel Wheeley on why turtles are turtley awesome...

Suriname Toad

This critter won't be winning a beauty contest anytime soon; it has tiny eyes, long fingers with fleshy lobes and bulky back legs, but has no teeth and no tongue. It does have some remarkable reproductive habits, though. Simon Watt thinks this ugly animal deserves some love...

Pink Fairy Armadillo

A curious beast, the pink fairy armadillo grows to a tiny 11cm long. It has some nifty aerodynamics to help it underground, including large front claws and a shielded head. Helen Duff makes the case to conserve this creature...






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