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Turbidity test - Upper Kafue by Clement Chiimbwe & Enock Mwangilwa

FreshWater Watch in Africa

FreshWater Watch in Africa Fighting for healthy freshwater habitats across Africa Pollution, climate change and over-exploitation have brought fresh water systems around the world to crisis point. In African countries,... Read more

Farming with Nature

Farming with Nature We support farmers and agri-businesses to re-imagine the way they farm and produce food.   Earthwatch Europe’s Farming with Nature programme helps farmers to increase sustainability by working... Read more

FreshWater Watch in the UK

FreshWater Watch in the UK Fighting for healthy freshwater habitats across the UK Pollution, climate change, and over-exploitation have brought our fresh water systems to crisis point. Many rivers are... Read more

Green Earth Schools

Green Earth Schools Transforming school grounds into nature-rich spaces for exceptional outdoor learning and play. Through our Green Earth Schools programme, we collaborate with schools to create the optimal nature... Read more


Naturehood Empowering urban communities to bring nature to their doorstep Our Naturehood programme works with underserved communities in urban areas, helping them overcome barriers to connecting with nature.   We believe... Read more

Tiny Forest

Tiny Forest Fast-growing urban forests Tiny Forest brings the benefits of woodland right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces: connecting people with nature, helping to mitigate the... Read more

Next Generation

Next Generation Empowering the next generation to take action for the planet Our young people face unprecedented environmental and societal challenges. But we can equip them with the knowledge and... Read more
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