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Neville Shulman Earthwatch Awards

We seek to support those who are in the early stages of their career, where access to small funding grants can be crucial to developing their career and making a significant impact on the communities and local organisations with whom they work.

Species as diverse as wild dogs and sea turtles, and habitats across the planet from the Atlantic rainforests to mangroves of East Africa, and from the Mongolian Steppe to the volcanoes of Nicaragua, our Award winners have worked with communities to understand our biodiverse planet and develop actions to protect it for future generations.

Neville Shulman: “They may differ in their interests, their enthusiasms and their abilities but they will all share in the need to protect and enhance the extraordinary habitats of the world.”

Applications for the 2022 Awards can now be submitted. Find out more.

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Explore the map to see all the early career scientists supported by an Earthwatch Shulman Award.


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