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Bernard Amakobe

Although elephant hunting Kenya was banned in 1973, illegal hunting continues today, and the forest areas in Kenya are habitats to many more animals as well as vital to the livelihoods of local communities.

Bernard Amakobe is using his grant to gain Geographic Information System (GiS) training. GiS is geographical and spatial collection, or simply put, a way of using data to generate images that help us identify patterns and relationships. For example, GiS is used in weather forecasting, or tracking animal movements and poacher hotspots.

Bernard will use his skills to monitor endangered elephants in South East Kenya. The data he will be collecting includes elephant movements, lions or birds seen, poaching snares found or incidences of deforestation.

The Earthwatch Shulman awards celebrates its tenth year of supporting emerging scientists by providing grants to early-career conservationists in Africa, Asia and Central and South America through the generous support of author and explorer Neville Shulman CBE.

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