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FreshWater Links

Freshwater is critical to all life on earth yet our freshwater resources are in crisis.

We believe that understanding these challenges and fostering partnerships and data sharing between leading water organisations is key to tackling the issues that the Thames catchment faces.

Freshwater Links offers you the chance to discover more about the water challenges facing the Thames catchment.

It brings together multiple environmental projects with a citizen science component from across the River Thames catchment into a single online location.

Freshwater Links is connecting the growing number of volunteer, regulatory and research datasets in the Thames catchment together with a suite of learning resources.

This is an open data platform where all are welcome to seek insights into trends in the Thames catchment area and to encourage ideas that will help to improve the quality of your Thames aquatic environments.

With the support of Thames Water funding, Earthwatch's GIS professionals led on the development of the FreshWater Links platform with data shared by the Crane Valley Partnership, London Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, Freshwater Habitats Trusts and Wild Oxfordshire.


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